Consignment Management

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Not only do we spark joy, we make you $$!

Purging feels oh so good. But, what do you do with your discards? We can help.

The Packages

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Sell online

How much will you make? 50% of sale profit

We do home visits to view the items you would like to sell, selecting pieces with potential and managing the process (catalogue, style, photograph, list, shipping) for you.

We built a successful eBay store and personally sold over $4,000 within a few months of using the KonMari Method. Five-star ratings count when selling onlineβ€”we have a 100% customer satisfaction rating.

Tip: Online selling pays a higher return, however demand is lower.

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Sell to consignment

How much will you make? 50% of sale profit

We have existing relationships with New York consignment stores, we know where to bring your items for the best opportunity to sell.

Tip: Consignment stores will offer you a lower return, some will buy pieces outright and offer nominal cash on the spot.

Full disclosure: It's impossible to know when a piece will move. We do our best to be selective with the pieces we consign for you, providing a higher chance of sale.

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Identify charities in need

Free of charge.

For the loved pieces that won't sell, we research local charities so your discards go to someone in need.

Not only will you feel better creating space in your home, you'll be giving back to the community. Win, win!