It's so nice to meet you!

I'm Kaitlin, a Canadian turned New Yorker, who's fiercely independent and has always lived outside of the lines.

I was the little girl who always had my parents guessing what wild outfit or nail polish I'd be wearing next. If I was told to stay in the car, I'd defiantly find my way out of the car and into some trouble.

Needless to say, I always had fun! 

In my free time, I continue on this adventure called life, by pursuing my love of travel – having traveled 33 countries and counting! I love to hunt for inspiration in the sights, sounds, and jewels of the world.

Through international influences of culture, beauty, and intrigue, I consider myself an expert in infusing special touches into peoples' lives.

I studied fashion and am an Accredited Jewelry Professional, having enjoyed five inspiring years at Tiffany & Co.’s Fifth Avenue flagship location. At Tiffany, I had some very memorable moments (funny story: I'm the salesperson in the season finale of HBO's The Newsroom in the Tiffany scene!).

While at Tiffany, it became clear to me that the best part of my job was connecting with customers and building memorable experiences and relationships. I loved getting to know where people came from and how they journeyed to New York. 

Then I joined American Express and have been creating high end, exclusive events for one of the world’s best luxury brands (I'm all about those special touches!).

During a move in 2016, I fell in love with the KonMariMethod by Marie Kondo and realized the true happiness and freedom it brought me.

I became obsessed with the lightness that is living with less. I shared the good vibes with my closest friends, who also saw life-changing results, and started a business where I could serve more amazing, busy people who are thrilled at the chance to find simplicity and happiness in their lives.

More than just a professional organizer, I believe your home and wardrobe should showcase your style - your home is the central, happy place where you bring your loved ones together.

Consulting on organization + styling, and helping people live their best lifestyle, is the most fun I've ever had! I get to see a change in the way clients live by turning a house into a happy home, the way they take back control, and learn to make long term healthy choices.

If you are living in clutter, you deserve a change! You can do this - I believe in you!

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