5 tips to staying organized this holiday season

photo cred: unsplash.com

The holidays are a busy time of year for most of us, with travel, work, holiday gift preparation and cooking.

The holidays are a time when I use my organization skills to get me through all of the to-do’s stress-free.

Here are some of my top tips!


lifestyle gift

Your list should include everyone you want to give a gift to. On a separate column, list each person’s favorite activities. On the next column, list the quality you love most about that person.

Review your list, looking for any obvious trends, between who the person is, their favorite things to do and what they do best. Challenge yourself to come up with gifts that will be enjoyed with their lifestyle and favorite activities.

Set a timeline for yourself during this process.

My personal goal is complete my list of ideas by Monday, December 4th.


Many of us don’t realize how important budgeting is in our daily lives (more on this later). Budgeting is especially important when it comes to staying organized during the holidays.

Using your list, create a reasonable budget that you’re happy with, and stick to it!

The other day I heard someone say, “I had 4 days off and it was amazing. But, if I could have also paid all the bills, then I would have been able to fully relax and be truly happy.” A lot of our stress comes from money spent on gifts, when we should be kicking back, enjoying giving, and celebrating in togetherness.

Imagine celebrating the holidays without worrying about your credit card. Yes, please!


photo cred: charitywater.org

Online shopping sales increase every year, as a culture we do so much of our shopping online because, convenience.

Once you have your list and budget set, I’m all for maximizing time and efficiency, and shopping online to tick items off your list. While you’re adding to your cart, be careful not get caught up in all of the sales. Rule of thumb: if you wouldn’t buy it full price, don’t buy it just because of the sale!

If you’re going to shop online, avoid rush fees by doing it nice and early.

My goal is to have my orders placed by Friday, December 8th.


wrapping gifts

Too many times I’ve been up late on December 23rd or 24th throwing wrap and ribbons on my gifts. Then, I receive beautiful gifts that were thoughtfully wrapped. 

I’m going to do myself a favor this year and be wrapping by December 15th, putting love into my wrapping – unwrapping is part of the experience!


holiday tidy up

Nothing feels better than being prepared for guests, especially during the holiday season when you want to feel light and happy.

Do a thorough clean 1 week before the holidays, making it easy for you to do a 5 minute tidy before company arrives.

Light your favorite candles, light the tree, and have fun!

Sending you love and light this holiday season.

Please share your success stories below – I can’t wait to hear them!