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4 steps to a tidy inbox: email organization

No matter what we do, our workdays are dominated by email.

I know for me, organization helps reduce stress, and I need all the zen I can get in my inbox!

Creating strategies to simplify email management can change the way you work, and give you time back in your day.

For those of us who receive hundreds of emails a day, there’s no better place to simplify and declutter than our inboxes.

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4 tips to declutter and style your iphone

How many hours a day do you spend on your phone and computer?

I would guess most of us spend at least half of our day with a screen in hand or in front of us at our desk.

How many of us keep a tidy iPhone or computer desktop?

It’s easy to focus on tidying and decluttering our physical items, but what about our digital lives?

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Simplify and Help Save Lives

The world is in a scary state. With recent natural disasters and political turmoil at an all time high, we should all be thinking about how to serve those in need.

Simplifying your life through decluttering can certainly help clear out some overused mental space and time, which can better be used to focus on making this world a better place for your and your neighbors.

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4 steps to purging before a big move

It just so happens that a lot of people in my circle are moving very soon, or have just moved.

Some are moving a few blocks away to a space without a single closet. Others are jumping across the pond to a new continent, facing huge cultural shifts. And yet another is making the may-jah costal move from NYC to LA.

All of these friends have one thing in common: they’ve told me they need to take a serious look at what they own, and get real about what they should bring along as they embark upon a new journey.

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