4 tips to declutter and style your iphone

photo cred: @aurorajames

How many hours a day do you spend on your phone and computer?

I would guess most of us spend at least half of our day with a screen in hand or in front of us at our desk.

How many of us keep a tidy iPhone or computer desktop?

It’s easy to focus on tidying and decluttering our physical items, but what about our digital lives?

If your iPhone has pages of apps, unorganized and all over the place – let’s make a change today! Tidying your iPhone and desktop won’t take longer than 15 minutes, and will change your daily digital experience.


photo cred: boshdesigns.com

Shake up the way you view your phone.  Zen habits recommends the following steps to declutter your phone, forcing yourself to move within your phone with intention, rather than opening it up to multiple distractions.

By clearing your home screen, you have to search for the app you’re looking for, changing the way you use your phone, and rewiring the habit you might have of looking at your phone and mindlessly opening Instagram, Facebook, or your favorite game.

  1. Move all apps off of the home page.
  2. Clear your dock and home screen.
  3. Shut off notifications (where possible).
  4. Change your background to an image you LOVE that SPARKS JOY! Try something calming, freeing – something that feels light and airy.


photo cred: @laurenconrad

One of my favorite accounts to follow is The Home Edit. Their color coding is to die for!

One fun way to organize your apps is to color code. Our mind associates colors faster than it does with name labels – once you learn where your apps sit within the color coded folders, you’ll be able to find your apps much more quickly.

I like to use my favorite apps to label the folders. #cactus #unicorn #airplane #diamonds

Not only will your phone be tidy, it will have a whole new style, look and feel.


photo cred: charitywater.org

We frame photos of our loved ones, and hang our favorite paintings because it makes us happy when we look at them.

Your home screen image should be the same. With an airy, lightweight, inspiring picture on your home screen you’ll get a little spark of happiness every time you use your phone.

There is so much happiness simplifying your life!

Unspash has a large collection of free, beautiful high resolution images for download.



Applying the above 3 principles to your computer will be equally as rewarding! Limit the number of apps in your dock, clear your desktop (use folders to file away your work), and set an inspiring image to the background.

By following these steps, I believe you will have a clearer mind when you sit down to work at your computer. What’s to lose? Give it a try!

I encourage you to take 10-15 minutes and declutter your phone and computer, Enjoy your 'new' phone!

Please share your success stories below – I can’t wait to hear them.