Simplify and Help Save Lives

photo cred: @aurorajames

photo cred: @aurorajames

The world is in a scary state. With recent natural disasters and political turmoil at an all time high, we should all be thinking about how to serve those in need.

Simplifying your life through decluttering can certainly help clear out some overused mental space and time, which can better be used to focus on making this world a better place for your and your neighbors.

Here are a few ways that you can help save a life by decluttering and simplifying your space:


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Take a look around your home.

Notice what you love. Be aware of what you skip right over. Check in and feel is no longer bringing you joy. Be really honest with yourself, “if you were really truthful, would you want to donate this?”

Set aside pieces you're ready to discard.

Start by snapping photos of each item from a few different angles. Post them on Craigslist with a quick description, and sell baby, sell!

Here is an article to help you sell on Craigslist.


photo cred: @laurenconrad

photo cred: @laurenconrad

There are lots of great sites like here and here where you can learn about crisis relief. Many victims in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Houston are trying to rebuild and need cash to do so.

Choose a cause that is close to your heart, learn about it, and talk about it with your friends and family.


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My friend is moving, and becoming a minimalist at the same time.

He has sold a lot on Craigslist and eBay in the past, but this time he is asking that instead of showing up with cash, purchasers show up with a receipt that they have donated the agreed upon price to his charity: water fundraiser.

Charity: water is a non-profit who’s 100% model means all public fundraising goes entirely to the field. The folks at charity: water are working to end the global water crisis that is crippling the poor every day.

Another option is to start a GoFundMe campaign, or join a current campaign that is working towards a similar goal as yours.

Great work! You’ve taken a meaningful step in helping save a life through simplifying and decluttering your home.

Now it’s time to share your fundraiser on social media with your friends and family – spreading love to make an even bigger impact.

Please post your success stories below - this is a very important time - and the more we do for our brothers and sisters, the brighter our world will be.