4 steps to purging before a big move

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It just so happens that a lot of people in my circle are moving very soon, or have just moved.

Some are moving a few blocks away to a space without a single closet. Others are jumping across the pond to a new continent, facing huge cultural shifts. And yet another is making the may-jah costal move from NYC to LA.

All of these friends have one thing in common: they’ve told me they need to take a serious look at what they own, and get real about what they should bring along as they embark upon a new journey.

If you ask me, they need to purge even more than they think they do – and getting real with your emotions and how you feel about your belongings (the KonMari way) is a great place to start.

Here are my tips to purging your life, before making that big move.


And then cut it in half. Seriously. However much you think you’re going to need, I believe it’s a waste of time, energy, and money to pack to max. 

Instead, I find it beneficial to consider what you’d bring if you were packing for a 2 week vacation, in each season, in your new home city. Start by pulling out these pieces, set them aside, and know that those are your top pics, your favorite pieces to wear, and the ones you don’t want to be without.

Pro tip: use packing cubes to organize your suitcase, and keep everything from wrinkling!



photo cred: @thefashionguitar

photo cred: @thefashionguitar

As you’re looking at the mass amounts of clothing in front of you, in your current closet – you need to really think about where you are in your life in this moment.

Are you in your 20’s, approaching your 30’s, and ready for the next (more mature) chapter? Are you a mother of 2, who has been dying for a wardrobe refresh? Are you about to take on a new profession, and need a wardrobe to reflect the girlboss that you are?

Getting clear on who you are in this moment, where you are in your life, and where you’re going will help you as you move on to the next step.

Pro tip: Find a few style icons that represent the style you love, and follow them for day-to-day outfit inspiration.



photo cred: @thefashionguitar

photo cred: @thefashionguitar

Now that you know who you are, and what you want for yourself in this next move – it’s time to create a vision of how you look and feel in your new life… are you stronger, bolder and structured? Are you more creative, open and brighter?

Seriously, get some inspiration images and place yourself in your new city. Think about how this future you, in your future home, going out with your future friends – looks and feels.

Ask yourself:

  • What energy do I create for myself, and what impression do I want to give off when I first meet someone new?
  • What does my new home look like, and how do I want to decorate it?
  • What does my social calendar look like? (after work drinks, hitting the gym, weekend beach or ski getaways)

Once you have this image, consider this – in your image of your best (new) self, are you wearing that dress you bought when you were 25 and living in the mid-west? Likely not!

Your next step is all about a very personal, fresh, powerful new start, and you deserve to only bringing your very best across the globe, or into your new life – only the things that make you HAPPY!

Pro tip: If you’re not sure about a piece of clothing, try it on and try to picture where you’d wear this item in your new setting.


photo cred: @thefashionguitar

photo cred: @thefashionguitar

Without a shadow of a doubt, I can tell you that you will be inspired by the local flavor and culture that you’re stepping into.

I’ve done a lot of traveling over the years, met people from all over the world who have transplanted themselves in new countries. In some way, shape, or form, these people are changed by where they now live.

The lesson is – you want to give yourself the room, freedom, and opportunity to blossom into your new life – finding new, meaningful items that spark joy. There’s no way to do that if you carry all of your (emotional + physical) baggage with you

For example: If you’re moving to London from New York, you’re going to want to accommodate for grayer skies, more moderate temperatures and more rain. You’re going to do a lot of walking, so you want some power shoes that scream less “American girl” and more “kick around oxfords”. You’re going to want to wear longer layers, perhaps some deeper colors, and you’re going to want to shop when you get there!

Pro tip: Avoid renting a storage unit or moving things back to your parent’s house. That is a way of transferring the problem, instead of dealing with it. Post items to Craigslist, list on eBay – you can likely sell a good amount of your belongings that will well beyond cover your moving expenses. Win, win!

To recap:

  1. Become familiar with the KonMari Method, and get to know what it means when something sparks joy
  2. Prepare to bring as little as possible, start by picking out your most loved things
  3. Create an image of you in your new life, and work towards shaping that life through the clothing you choose to wear and décor your style your home with
  4. Leave yourself room and lightness to adapt to your new surroundings, taking in the local flavors and creating your own spin on the new you!

I wish you all the best luck with any type of move, purge, or reset you’re planning now, or in the near future.

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