3 travel tips to live simply, happy (and enjoy the sweetest moments)

photo credit: unsplash.com

photo credit: unsplash.com

We all travel. Be it our daily commute, business travel, backpacking, or travel to visit family – it is part of life. Some of us find travel overwhelming. Others find it a welcome break from our day to day life.

Whatever your experience, there is an opportunity for travel to enhance your life by following a few easy steps that (yes) relate to living a more streamlined and decluttered life.


photo credit: unsplash.com

photo credit: unsplash.com

Check in online!

I would estimate you can save 30 minutes by checking in online. You can also save yourself the stress of waiting in line. Yes – that means having time to grab a tea and flip through your book while at the gate. Do it! You won’t look back.

5 step guide:

  • Google “your airline – check in” (preferably from your phone)
    • Follow the prompts to check in online.
    • Be sure to enter your passport number and trusted traveler ID (this gets TSA pre-check, or any other international traveler access added to your ticket)
    • Save your mobile boarding pass on your phone’s ‘passport’ by selecting ‘add to passport’ at the end of the check in process.
    • Make sure your phone is charged (and keep those cords tidy – Mark and Graham makes a great roll up case).
  • OBVIOUSLY you’ve only packed a carry-on, so… when you arrive at the airport, you can breeze right by the check in counters, and head to security.
    • At security, present your mobile boarding pass with your ID.
  • Wear shoes that are easy on/easy off.
  • Carry as few liquids as possible to avoid being pulled aside for further inspection. Glossier makes a pink pouch that is transparent – makes for an awesome reusable liquids bag (3 for $12).
    • Note: you can bring your favorite reusable water bottle with you, just make sure it’s empty, and place it in the bin (outside of your bag) so security doesn’t question what it is). I love my BKR.
  • Stroll to your gate, put your feet up, FaceTime your family and relax! Give yourself a pat on the back for cruising through the airport experience like a pro!

Pro tip 1: Download your preferred airline’s app. You’ll be able to store your frequent flyer number(s), change seats and get notifications about any gate changes or delays.

Pro tip 2: When flying international, you might need to clear customs after security – have your boarding pass and passport handy.


When we’re in a new city, time zone, or work environment, there is so much that stimulates us. So much to see, to do, and often, so little time. Regardless, we can’t discount how important it is to get quality rest.

If you have trouble sleeping while on the road, I love CALM – a meditation app with sleep stories that are sure to rock you to sleep.

Eating a balanced and healthy diet will keep your energy levels up, and dehydration at a minimum. Needless to say, it’s really important to always drink water – it will help you stay awake during the day, and get better rest at night (your healthy skin will thank you, too!).

Pro tip: Cut out sugar and salt to avoid swelling in-flight.

photo credit: unspash.com

photo credit: unspash.com


I’m all for a well-planned trip (this won’t surprise any of you). However, I’m also an adrenaline junkie, and like to spice things up. Truly, the most incredible element of travel is that you can expect the unexpected. No matter how well you plan, something is bound to surprise you, challenge you, or unfold in a completely unplanned way.

It is so important to be flexible, malleable, and open to new cultures and experiences when you travel.

Being flexible not only makes you a great travel companion, it also allows you to enjoy your trip more! As my father always said when we were growing up – DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF. Rather, laugh at any set backs, or wrong turns, reset and smile – because you’re living, simply happy.

Kaitlin McElroy Tulum

Through decluttering our lives and opening our minds, we learn to appreciate experiences in life – every single day. I hope you are able to find these joys in your work life balance, and travel, too!

photo credit: unspash.com

photo credit: unspash.com

What do you find stressful about travel, and how do you let it go? Share your comments below!