Live simply, happy with less. Less stuff = happier you!

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It’s been said once, and it will be said again: living with less opens doors to live a happier, fuller life.


There are so many reasons, but to get us started here are 4 simple ways you can enhance your life by getting rid of more, and living with less.


Once you ‘KonMari’ your life (ie. purge everything that doesn’t spark joy), you’ll be aware of everything you own, and you’ll know exactly where everything is at all times.

Living this way forces you to value things differently, drawing more intention upon items that you may or may not decide to purchase. You become aware of how serene your home and lifestyle are, and you’ll become mindful of the things, people, and added ‘stuff’ that you bring into your peaceful and intentional lifestyle.

Pro tip: Challenge yourself to take a mental inventory of what's in your house, and the next time you feel like you need to buy something (even if it has a purpose), get creative and make do with what you already own!

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Less stuff equals more money!

There is no doubt about it – even if you’re the thriftiest shopper (I too love a good deal), the less you acquire, the more money you save. There is nothing more satisfying then making a conscious decision to purchase less, and save more.

Pro tip: I started putting 25% of my paychecks away into savings – and I even have a little leftover at the end of the month because I now say no to impulse purchases, feeling happy that I have everything that I need (how-to budget blog coming soon!). Ahhhh, to see my savings account, my security and my future blossom is so wonderful – it definitely sparks joy!

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When you have less stuff, you can easily cut time spent cleaning in half.

You definitely won’t spend any time trying to find a missing item, or wondering where you saw that item last? When you live with less, there is less dust, less waste, and less lost time shopping, returning, exchanging (even less time thinking about the bills you have to pay, and chores related to consumerism).

Pro tip: Ridding your lifestyle of extra stuff gives you more time for the fun stuff – like cooking with friends and family, quality vacations with the girls, or reading your favorite book with a cup of tea at night. What’s one thing you really want to do but have never had the time or money to make it happen? Well get ready, the time is now!

With my girls in Colombia!

With my girls in Colombia!


For me, extra happiness found through my new lifestyle comes in the form of physical fitness (#girlswhobox) and healthy food choices (a long time struggle for me).

For you, it could take form in exercise, or art, picking up a new hobby, or spending more quality time alone.

Whatever you do with your newfound time and energy (since it is not longer spent worrying about cleaning, tidying, getting your home under control) – may it bring you happiness and lead to a better, brighter life! ENJOY IT - YOU DESERVE THE BEST!

photo cred: under armour

photo cred: under armour

I’m so proud of you for taking the time to read this post, and I know you’re considering all of the benefits of owning less stuff. They are real. Real enough for so many of us to say this stuff itself is life changing.

What are you waiting for? Drop a comment below to let me know how your life has changed through living with less!